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  • Washington DC Educational Article of the Month - Squirrel Prevention Tips: How to Keep Squirrels away

Squirrel Prevention Tips: How to Keep Squirrels away

Squirrel Prevention Tips: How to Keep Squirrels away - There are over 200 different species of squirrels on Earth. Found on every continent; most people see these creatures as spunky and adorable. But they can also quickly become a pest when they invade your home or yard. In this article we will discuss prevention, tips and how to get rid of squirrel related issues.

The three most common types of squirrels (found in the U.S.A and Europe) are the grey, red and California ground squirrel. The grey and red squirrel prefer to make their nets in high areas, such as a tree (or your attic). While the California ground squirrels prefer to live in burrows and tunnels underground. All three can do extensive damage to your home or yard. While hiring a professional is recommended for pest prevention and removal you can attempt to take care of the issue yourself Here are some DIY tips for keeping squirrels in the wild and not in (or under) your home.

Squirrels are rodents, which means their teeth continuously gnaw n wood and sticksso they chew on wood to keep them from growing. A simple and extremely effective solution to prevent chewing, Hot Sauce. It won’t hurt the animal and as soon as the squirrel discovers his favorite chewing spot is burning his mouth he will make a run for it.

• Home/chimney- If you find a squirrel is making a home in your chimney or in an area of your home there are a few ways to prevent them from ever coming back. For your chimney a chimney cap is the way to go, a vent like system it allows air and smoke through the top of the chimney while keeping pests out. If you discover any holes where a squirrel has been gnawing sealing it shut with a metal sheet or vent. Just make sure you don’t barricade it with wood because they there isn’t a nest in the hole.

• Garden- First off repellants do not work (and introduce nasty chemicals to your garden) and dummy snakes might work temporarily but a squirrel is smart and will soon discover it is fake. The best option is to fence in your garden (see below) or to create a greenhouse like environment. Keeping your plans safe and the squirrels at bay.

• Birdfeeder/tree- Trees are a natural habitat for a squirrel so keeping a squirrel out of a tree is a nearly impossible. But perhaps you have a bird feeder hanging in the tree (or in your yard) and a squirrel simply will not leave the seeds alone. Go online a buy a Squirrel Baffle. These clever devices attach to your bird feeder and tip with even the slightest touch preventing a squirrel from being able to access the seeds (most of the time).

• Burros/Tunnels (Ground Squirrels) - Burrows and tunnels can do damage to the foundation of your home and can completely destroy the plants in your garden. An option you have here is to stick a water hose into one of the tunnels and flood it with water. The ground squirrels want a dry spot to live so they will eventually leave if you keep flooding their tunnels.

Prevention with Fencing:
• Electric Fencing: While a pricey option, this is a very efficient method for keeping squirrels away from your yard. A low dose electric shock will deliver to the animal once it touches the fence, but it will not harm the animal. This method is not recommended if you live in an area with a shared fence.

• “Slippery” fencing- A DIY option that’s great for a garden all you need is a plastic like sheet (painter plastic), wire fencing and tall posts. Evenly space out the posts, make sure to stake them deep enough into the ground so they are sturdy and don’t fall over. Once you have the posts in place wrap them securely with chicken wire or something similar. Once you have constructed the basic fence cover it with the plastic sheeting and secure it with duct tape. The slippery surface makes it too difficult to climb for squirrels and they will move to another area.

Repellants- Today there are many brands that claim a guaranteed easy, safe method for keeping squirrels away from your home. However this is not true. Repellants available on the market today will NOT keep squirrels or any other animal away. Granules, sprays, gels and sound emitting methods simply do not work.

1. Squirrels should not kept as pets!

2. Check with your local Game and Fish Department on trapping and hunting laws before attempting to deal with an animal yourself.

3. Squirrels carry fleas, typhus, bubonic plague and other deadly transmittable diseases to humans. NEVER attempt to handle an animal alive or dead without protection.

4. If you are bitten by a squirrel visit your doctor immediately.

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