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  • Washington DC Educational Article of the Month - Skunk Repellent

Skunk Repellent

Skunk Repellent - Skunks are animals that ruin your garden’s soil, and eats your plants and your leftovers. Here are some natural skunk repellent that may help you get rid of those skunks and prevent them from coming back.

Natural Skunk Repellent
• Keep your trash cans and trash bins securely closed and empty. And be sure that it is not easily tossed up so that skunks cannot smell it.

• Might as well feed your pets inside your house. Skunks may eat your pet’s leftovers because skunks will mostly eat any type and kind of food they’ll smell and see. Empty also your birdfeeder.

• If skunks are getting on your trash cans and trash bins, and just tossing it all up, leaving it with messy surroundings, put a moth ball under your garbage bags or around your trash cans, mustard oil can be a very great help also.

• If you feel or know that skunks are walking down your yard or on front and back of your porch, put a rag on a bowl of ammonia and place it where skunks are walking. Be careful not to put the ammonia where plants are growing and also not to pour ammonia on the ground because it can burn the grasses and the plants. Use gloves in putting ammonia on a bowl.

• Remove woods, compost pit and junks that skunks might build as their habitat. If you can’t remove the pile of woods might as well cover it tightly because skunks may destroy it. If you have a compost pit on your backyards, then have a plan on covering it with soil. Skunks love to make den on the grounds.

• Skunks loves to eat any food especially plats growing in them. If skunks are eating your vegetable plants, spray you plats with pepper or chili mint with pepper. For better outcome or if you do not want to spray your vegetable plants with chili or pepper, then you might want to plant cucumber or squash instead.

Paid Repellents

1. Critter Ridder Animal Repellent Granular - It costs 12 dollars. Doesn’t only repel skunks but also repels chipmunks, squirrels, groundhogs and raccoons. This repellent lasts up to 30 days. This repellent also offers a triply action repellent, as it repels by smell, taste and touch.

2. Havahart Spray Away Elite II - A motion activated sprinkler that drives away skunks by being splashed by a blast of water. If the sprinkler detects the skunks it will automatically burst water and make a move and a startling sound. This sprinkler will surely frighten the skunks off. This repellent can be charged through solar. This sprinkler costs 179 to 180 dollars.

3. Havahart Spray Away 2.0 - This repellent is still a motion activated spray which can detect over 35 feet away. This effectively repels skunks, raccoons, rabbits, deer and other wild animals. The repellent is equipped with a fully adjustable sensor that costumers can adjust any time they want to. When a skunk or other animals walk across it the repellent will suddenly burst water and will surely startle the skunks away.

4. Critter Ridder Animal Repellent - If you don’t want to spend a lot of money buying repellents to skunks then you might try this spray to drive away those smelly animals away. Just spray this on you trash cans, garbage bags or on to the grass. This is safe for humans and it dries odorless to us.

5. Repels All Granules by Bonide Chemical - This repellent has a unique blend of ingredient that causes immediate irritation to a skunk’s nasal passages. This is an easy way to repel and prevent skunks to destroy your properties.

6. Old Fashioned Moth Balls by Enoz - A lot of people say that mothball is a great help to put away skunks. Put this around your garden so that skunks will go away. But the use of mothballs to drive away skunks is illegal to some countries. So check first if you’re country is legible to use mothballs.

7. Predator Guard - This product is one the best skunk control deterrent. It repels skunk and other common night rodents. The repellent offers a pair of flashlight which drives away skunks, which are scared of lights.

If you have a dog, then let your dog handle your business. The smell of your dog’s urine will surely drive the skunks away as it irritates the skunk’s nose. But if you don’t have any dog you can get coyote urine at some outdoor stores and that will help you. Fence your garden if necessary so that skunks will not enter your property.

Skunks can have your property smelling horrible for the entire night and day. They can also destroy your garden if they are able to find some food like leftovers and birdfeed. They also make a mess if you leave your trashes and garbage unclosed. They are also defensive and nasty creatures so it is not recommended that you try to get the skunk to go away because it can become a problem when they spray you.

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