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  • Washington DC Educational Article of the Month - Getting rid of skunks in Washington DC

Getting rid of skunks in Washington DC

Many people are battling with skunks in their gardens and they do not know the right way of getting rid of them. Luckily, you now have the chance of eliminating them from your garden, porch and lawn easily. They are creatures, which have a horrible smell, which shall make your entire home smell bad if you do not eliminate them. They will mess your garbage and wastes and with each day, they became a huge menace. When you have a garden, they will spoil it and also eat some of the viable and plants, and they will make the place look bad and smell bad. However, there are some useful tips, which shall come in handy to aid you eliminate the skunks from your garden.

How to remove the skunk naturally
• You need to eliminate all the details that will attract skunks in your garden. This will include the huts, vegetables, and flowers in your gardens. The skunks love the vegetables and plants and will always be around places, which have these details. They are always searching for food and it they find your vegetable garden, they will pitch camp there. You also need to eliminate all the smell, and this is by having trash cans, which close completely, and you will have the chance of ending up with a skunk free household. You also need to stop feeding your pets outdoors, since the smell of food will attract the skunks in your compound.

• Cover the grubs. If there are any holes in your garden, you need to fill them up. There are many places, which skunks stay and holes are a favorite. You need to cover them with stones or soil in order to prevent any form of breeding.

• Remove compost pits and wood piles. Skunks love to hide in piles of wood since you cannot see them well. If you have a compost pit, it will attract them in large numbers since this is a source of food.

• Cover your trash cans. You need to have proper waste disposal methods. This means that you should cover up the wastes using high quality dustbins. The skunks can topple over the trash can and this will spread wastes. However, if you have a trash can that has a tight lid, they will not have a place to get food.

How to remove skunk from your property
1. The Trapping method. You have the chance of investing in different traps to eliminate the skunk in your property. You need to place the best bait, which shall attract them and this is mainly food substances. They will start following the smell and they will eat the bait and fall into the trap. You should place these baits strategically in order to capture all the skunks visiting your home. After capturing them, you could relocate them to the forest instead of killing them. However, make sure you wear protective clothing to avoid the skunk fluid and smell.

2. Rely on animal control services. You do not need to go through this tedious process and you can rely on animal control for the results. They will use their expertise and safe methods to eliminate the skunk from your garden.

Using the Skunk Deterrents
1. You need to know the weak points of skunks in order to eliminate them in your home. They do not love light and this means you should have a compound, which is will lit in order to get rid of the skunk. They go out at night to look for food and this means you should always have the lights on and they will never visit your garden.

2. Install sprinklers, which are motion activated. When you have these sprinklers, they will activate and throw water. You will find that the skunks will run when water is sprayed on them. Activate these sprinklers at night and each time the skunk passes, the sprinklers activate and scare away the skunk.

3. Using repellents. There are differ repellents you can use in order to scare away the skunks. Some of them are sprayed and some you will set them on the ground. You need to know that skunks do not like oranges, or citrus, this means that you should use such fruits as repellents. You also need to use dog urine, since it has a negative effect on skunks and they will run away. You can also go to the market and get the fox using with is very effective in eliminating skunks from the garden. In order to protect your vegetable garden, you should use the pepper sprays, as well as the chilling sprays. Ammonia is also an effective repellent for the skunks. You should place it out at night to scare the skunks.

Killing the Skunks
1. Shooting method. If you have a gun, you will find that shooing the skunks is the best method. However, you need to be very accurate in order to aim and shoot.

2. Drowning the skunk. You will sue a bait in rode rot capture the skunk and them immerse it in water. This is the easiest and most effective way of killing the skunk.

3. Poisons. You can use a bait and then inject the poison in the system of the skunk. However, this is a slow and painful death and is termed as inhumane. You can also palce poison in the fruits, and the skunk will eat and die.

You need to be careful when choosing the killing methods. Skunks have a pungent smell, meaning that they will spray before you kill them. It is best to use animal control in order to eliminate the skunks instead of killing them.

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