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  • Washington DC Educational Article of the Month - Can Wild Animals in the Attic Give Your Pets Fleas?

Can Wild Animals in the Attic Give Your Pets Fleas?

YES a wild Washington DC animal in the attic give your pets fleas. For example many times we see that fleas are transmitted into pets like cats, dogs or other bird species from the wild animals living in your attic.

It is an obvious fact that many wild animals make their territory in our attics or storage rooms and start living their without any worry. We can sense the presence of these wild Washington DC animals when we hear lot of sounds and clamors coming from the roof. These sounds sometimes include scratching the attics, hastening and rolling over the floor of attics.

The animals which start residing in our homes also bring lots of diseases and dangers with them. The animals mainly include Washington DC rats and mice, bats and pigeons, squirrels, opossums, and obviously raccoons. One of the major problem brought by these wild animals are “Fleas”. Fleas are actually recognized as ecto-parasites which resides on the skin of our pets like on the fluffy hairs of cats and puppies. These fleas are not only responsible of creating irritation in the targeted pets but are also in charge of bug sensitivity dermatitis (FAD) in them.

Wild animals like Washington DC raccoons host a number of parasites in which fleas are amongst the top. These raccoons when live in our attic transfer the fleas in to our pets, mainly to those who have furry hairs. . Numerous signs can demonstrate insect action on the pets. A typical sign would be pets that more than once scratch and prep themselves. This is created by the inconvenience of the bug action as the grown-up bugs eat the pet's blood and cause irritation in them. Rats and mice that live in your attic can also play an active role in transmitting fleas to your pets especially in cats. These fleas are recognized to contain Marine Typhus Fever, which is brought about by Rickettsia typhi. Mouse is the most well-known bearers of the malady. Fleas are likewise ensnared in the conduction of Bubonic Plague that is now uncommon.

Fleas rely on upon a blood dinner from a host to survive, so most fleas are brought into the home by means of wild Washington DC animals that entered secretly. In some cases bats are also seen to be carrier of the fleas. As they fly upon the attic or other parts of house, fleas may get transmitted to the pets living in the house. On some events, fleas may turn into an inside issue when the host they beforehand sustained on is no more around. At that point fleas center their bolstering movement on different hosts that live inside the home. Some types of fleas are also found to be transmitted from Washington DC pigeons to your pet animals and make them to survive many problems.

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