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Bethesda Wildlife Control, Animal Trapping

We run a professional wildlife removal business operating in Bethesda, Maryland. We service the whole Washington DC metropolitan area, and do much of our work in Bethesda. We are a full-service Bethesda animal trapping and removal company. We specialize in wildlife only, and are not like a regular Bethesda pest control company or Bethesda exterminator. We handle several nuisance wildlife species, including squirrels, raccoons, snakes, skunks, and opossums. We also perform bat removal and bird control services, and rodent control, including poison-free mouse and rat removal. Give us a call any time at 202-754-8770 to discuss your Bethesda animal control issue, and to schedule a fast appointment.

Washington DC critter removal, Please contact me, I'm interested in your service. I'm 8 months pregnant and have a 4 years old we are all exposed to rats/mice inside the house. I also have a dog that I don't want to get sick because of mice. We have tried everything I cannot afford to have a baby born in a house with life treating diseases like the ones rats carry.

Hello, We have been dealing on and off with rats for a year now. From all the online research we have done, I can see that you are very knowledgable. We understand that the most important thing to do is to stop them from being able to get in but we are just not sure how it is happening. Our rats have only appeared in the basement and are heard mostly in the walls and ceilings of the basement. I was just wondering if you could give us any insight as to possible entry points as it has proven difficult for us to figure out. Thank you for your time.

Hi Washington DC critter removal. I rent a house and for the whole 7 months my dog has driven me crazy looking at walls but now I can hear them running around in the walls. Could they be climbing up the palm trees and getting in the through the roof and how do I get rid of them. I would appreciate any ideas you could give me.

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